Website Development

Website Development

Industry estimates say that a website has not more than 6 seconds of time to get the attention of quick clickers. If the website fails to persuade users exploring more in this short time-period, it will lose them constantly.

Porsa Solution knows how to give a web product the desired online presence. It offers quality custom web solutions to impressively introduce clients’ businesses and offers affordable custom web solutions that suit client’s budget.

In today’s business scenario, Porsa Solution considers a website as the core of a business and thus the way it is designed, is always crucial for its owner. At Porsa Solution, a separate team of premier graphic designers beautifully create each page of a website to attract users. They focus on a lot of factors while offering web designing and development services to clients from across the world.

When it comes to e-commerce website development, Porsa Solution has the right expertise to assist retailers wishing to sell products / services online. Based on globally adopted open-source technologies like Magento, OpenCart, Joomla, etc, Porsa Solution offers a complete range of e-commerce website development services and solutions.

We provide web hosting and maintenance services too. Whether it is a large website or small one, Porsa Solution offers the best of the hosting and maintenance services. We ensure that our clients’ websites are hosted on fastest, securest and the most reliable servers. Our maintenance services take care of updating a web-product as per technology and trend change. Our professional developers are able to speedily make changes to the content of website.

Apart from designing, development and deployment of website, we offer SEO services to promote your business online. Our SEO services offer result clients rely on. We follow the trendiest approaches to help our clients get found and grow their business online.

Porsa Solution, with nearly a decade of website development & designing experience as well as the best of the online marketing specialists, offers industry’s most qualified range of web solutions. We help client’s business become quicker, competitive and profitable in limited budget and time-period.

Our service for customized web portal development helps business showcase limitless products and services online. So far we have developed lots of web portals for e-commerce, news, enterprises, businesses, knowledge management, supply chain management, logistics management, business intelligence system, B2B, B2C, etc.

Our End-to-end website development service range includes planning, building, implementing and maintaining a website of all shapes and sizes. End-to-end development of website means building a website from front-end to back-end. Our experts have the best exposure to PHP, MySQL, Java EE, ASP.NET as well as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for end-to-end website development.


  • PHP Web Development


    • PHP application development supports a wide range of utilities. It is an open-source technology and thus effortlessly supports third party development tools and technologies. PHP is generally implemented at the server-end where it turns out to be a stand-alone interpreter for most operating systems.
    • PHP is one of the widely adopted and applied scripting level languages. It is used in the development of dynamic, interactive, flexible, compelling websites and web applications. PHP application development, whether for a website or web app, has always been an economical yet the safest technology. In technical term, PHP is a general purpose scripting language planted into HTML source. The source is translated at the back-end through the PHP engine module. The rendered output is a webpage or HTML document.
    • Porsa Solution has well-known PHP web developers that know the most functional ways to utilize the power of PHP environment and its capacity. With this knowledge, Porsa Solution’s website & web app developers are able to efficiently tap for clients’ benefits through a securest system that works according to the requirement of their businesses.


Here are the highlights of our PHP Development Service

  • Custom PHP application development: As a leading PHP web development service provider we offer an inclusive range of solutions tailored to the requirement of clients. Our service spectrum covers PHP website development, PHP application development, custom PHP web/website development and allied productive solutions. Each of our services adheres to ongoing industrial standards.
  • Migration of Readymade Web Applications: We provide website migration services from standalone PHP based application to web based platform. Our PHP web developers are able to effectively port/migrate apps with databases to other technology or platform.
  • Amending mastermind applications: We reengineer PHP webs, and web applications to improve and amend them up the technical architecture as per the business needs. The amendment/improvement is made keeping proper balance between new app-system, existing features, and new requirements.
  • Up-keeping applications: With each PHP web development, we also provide maintenance and support services. We offer these services to ensure consistency in the operation of our client’s business. Our PHP web developers quickly identify the problem and solve it within time.

PHP development services we provide:

  • Web Portals or Websites – Dynamic or interactive
  • Marketing Websites/Product Websites/E-Commerce Websites
  • Gaming Applications
  • Integrated Web Services
  • Social Networking or Community Websites

Tools and technologies supporting PHP:

  • Frameworks:
  • Core PHP and CodeIgniter


Drupal, Magento, Joomla, WordPress

The online Database Management System (DBMS) makes PHP a preferred web technology over others. It allows developers easily edit, add and delete information from webpage or web app online.


Porsa Solution’s PHP Web Development Services

We are reputed PHP web application development company. So far we have built tons of PHP based websites and web apps, from simple websites to complex online software. We have PHP programmers with several years of expertise. They are able to utilize latest methodologies and furnish real-time custom made PHP based web solutions. We follow a unique method of programming the PHP applications and because of our years of expertise, the development time is further reduced.

Benefits attached with PHP Web Development:


  • PHP is free


PHP is an open source web technology and thus available for free. It is also free from any restrictive license. Developers can create their own PHP version to power their web solutions. It has turned out to be a trendiest web technology and is indeed posing a serious flexibility threat to proprietary languages like JAVA and ASP.NET.


  • In sync with development


Originated in 1994, PHP has been developing for about two decades. Through this period, it has matured to certain level in terms of coding. It is preferred by developers from across the world. Today, it is as old as other commercial languages like ColdFusion, AD.Net and many others.


  • Compatibility with different Databases


MySQL has been a common database source for PHP based web application but apart from this, Informix, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, Solid, Generic ODBC, and PostgreSQL are also used. The combination of PHP and MySQL is supported across all platforms.


  • Open source IDEs


PHP is equipped with several open source IDEs which further reduce the cost of the entire PHP development. In this way, developers just do not need to spend extra money for IDE. All it takes is charge of developers.


  • Consistency updates


It is also updated within regular intervals in order to ensure its consistency and compatibility with ongoing web technologies and trends. Updates are made available free that means developers can easily update their entire PHP web development environment.