iOS App Development

iOS App Development

iOS is an operating system unlike any other, the smooth user experience and its user interface has attracted many customers over the year and it will continue to do so. iOS applications function on a different level and there are many restrictions that come in place.

Developing for iOS can also lead to constant revenue as compared to android as the users are more value oriented and are genuine as most of the apps on apple store are paid application. Apple users are known to download more and spend more. It is also important that your application has a great user experience as the beta testers by Apple assess your application before it is ready for distribution.

iOs applications are different from android developed applications. iPhone/iOS developers don’t just use different language but also differ in other features like its functions, design, buttons patterns and wireframe. Even general style and idea behind creating both applications is different. iOS prefers a more plain and basic design as compared to huge patterns and flashy colors. iOS applications also need a back button function incorporated in each application as all devices on the operating system do not have a hardwired back button available for navigation.

Why choose us?

The expert iPhone/iOS developers of Porsa Solution use the Swift programming language developed specifically for creating iPhone/iOS applications and develop apps which are less prone to errors and are more concise. Your android app developer many not be familiar with the different APIs and different programming languages for Xcode.

We keep in mind the small important patterns and effects that make an iPhone/iOS application worthy like its Title style, navigation, and button design along with the thinner icon style that complement the handset and its design. All these details are very important for your application to enter the Apple store and function as a good IOs app. Our years of experience and knowledge have helped us adopt proven methodologies. Your team will always remain in contact with your company and keep you in the loop on all major decisions and increase the productivity of the project.

What makes us best?

Our services in mobile app development include iPhone app Development, iPad app development, and others. Our developers are well-versed in creating apps for a range of industries including health, e-commerce, Cloud applications and luxury applications.

We have a beta user team that helps us in determining the application’s good and bad features while in the process, to create an error free market app. The beta testers help in improvement and developing the best app for the best end users experience. We help you through the entire Enrollment program for apple store. There are three stages, enrolling for the developer program that our qualified developers are a part of. The next step is creating the app and putting it up for review. With good reviews, the application is verified for distribution. We provide you with a robust unique and a highly customizable application.

Our Specialties

  • Experienced iPad / iPhone applications developers.
  • World-class UI designing for iPhone / iPad apps.
  • Signing non-disclosure agreement to secure the source code
  • In-depth app testing for freeing apps from bugs, error, etc.
  • Customizing the single app for multiple Apple devices
  • Easy and guaranteed app approval
  • Deployment of the app within promised time
  • Reasonably priced application development services
  • The entire development adheres to iOS application development guidelines.

High level of confidentiality with respect to your idea

We are ready to sign NDA for any idea client brings in at Porsa Solution. We stand responsible to provide you services but the ownership of the solutions entirely belongs to you.