Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid Mobile App Development

As the name itself suggests, Hybrid Mobile App Development is a perfect blend of web and native applications. The objective of choosing hybrid mobile app development is to save on development cost and to provide enhanced access to a number of platforms. However, in functioning hybrid mobile apps are not different from native mobile applications and are available on app stores. The aim of these hybrid mobile apps also remains the same, just like other applications, you use them for monitoring, engaging with others and for social networking.

There are number of benefits that come along, when you opt for Hybrid Mobile App Development like:-

  • Hybrid mobile apps can access details like contacts, gallery and camera in the device.
  • These mobile apps are capable of including native UI elements when required.
  • This enables developers to target more platforms in order to use a mix of advantages these platforms offer.

If a Hybrid Mobile App is written well, this works for users similar to the native mobile applications, the term hybrid or native does not make any difference for the users. Team Porsa Solutions works around the combination of most advanced structures like Sencha, HTML 5-based app, CSS, JavaScript and Appcelerator. With the key vision of giving a smooth experience on cross platform requirements, we ensure updating ourselves with the latest developments and make our clients experience new eras without feeling the transitional gap.

If you are in dilemma between going native or hybrid, below mentioned points will assist you in deciding: -

  • If there are any specific platforms, you want to choose
  • If using device capabilities is one of your objectives
  • If the application will be available through the application stores

If your answers for these doubts are affirmative; indeed, hybrid is your requirement. We at Porsa Solutions are committed to yield the best experience in Hybrid Mobile Application development. A gist of our value adding services is here:-

  • Using platforms like HTML, CSS and Sencha
  • Interactive User interface and promised high performance
  • Developers well versed with PhoneGap, Adobe Air, Kendo UI and QT

We provide end to end services for hybrid mobile application development that includes designing, development, testing and maintenance. We work over a number of features and technologies. We believe in developing the app structures basis on target group surveys and experiences. Analyzing the applications regularly in order to give the best performance in heavy traffic times, enable us to provide the best user experiences.