QA/Testing Services

QA/Testing Services

Testing is no longer just a phase to be ignored, but has now been recognized as an integral part of any production cycle. It has become imperative to comprehensively test the quality and performance of all systems and applications in order to ensure its smooth function. Since the quality of every product and customer satisfaction largely depends on how well it has been tested, our focus on TQA never deters. Banking upon the diverse experience gained over the span of a decade, Porsa Solution has established a dedicated Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) focused towards fostering innovation and delivering excellence to our esteemed clients. Our testing competency is supported by industry certified professionals and consistent successful deliveries through customized and cost-effective flexible engagement models.

Porsa Solution strives to constantly make efforts to deliver avant-garde testing services managing end-to-end test lifecycles. Our team brings customers the latest industry trends, including best practices and new tools and technologies to serve our customers’ business needs. Our testing function inherently follows a proactive rather than reactive culture, helping our customers stay ahead in the market.

Value Differentiators

  • Dedicated Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE): Porsa Solution utilizes in-house expert practice groups with domain specific competencies to deliver tailored solutions, in collaboration with our key partners.
  • Ready-to-use Solution Accelerators: Porsa Solution encourages reusability of assets, solutions and frameworks through tools that are built and designed by our best of breed technical experts.
  • Risk-Based Testing: Porsa Solution focuses on identifying risk areas and addressing activities that can be done in parallel and developing new opportunities.
  • 70% Certified Test Professionals: Porsa Solution holds dedicated domain certified testing professionals whose skills are continuously enriched through development and knowledge sessions.
  • Accelerated KT Model: Porsa Solution ensures continuity and quality of delivery via structured Knowledge Management Process.
  • Process Optimization: Porsa Solution focuses on Process optimization as a whole, thereby helping our customers achieve:


      • 360 degree QA implementation
      • Testing budget reduction up to 30%
      • Defect reduction up to 50%
      • Speed up release cycles by 20%
      • Automate right from day zero
      • Transform testing in 6 months
      • Assure 99% application availability

Service Offerings:

Porsa Solution offers a varied and refined level of services, as listed below:

    • Test Consulting:

       Our Business Consulting Services cover a broad spectrum of services executed through the phases of planning, designing and execution. Porsa Solution takes an approach which is value driven for every solution being developed and delivered to the client. Our experts’ experience and domain knowledge gives Porsa Solution an edge over the competitors when it comes to effective consulting solutions. While providing test consulting services to our client, we ensure that we deliver the most cost-effective solutions, without compromising on quality. Our test consulting services include:

      • Test Maturity Assessment
      • Test Process Improvement
      • Test Strategy
      • Process consultancy
      • Process Standardization
    • Test Governance:

       Porsa Solution aligns testing with its customers’ business goals and ensures availability of objective testing information at all times, to support management decisions. We begin with understanding the customer’s business from the core, and getting a thorough understanding of the technology involved in their business functions. Our Test Governance strategies offer our clients with increased productivity at reduced costs, which ultimately also boosts their overall revenue. Porsa Solution’s testing services aim at transforming the customer’s business practice with the application of:

      • Effective Test Strategies
      • Test Process Measurement
      • Risk Management
      • Demand Management
      • Regulatory Compliance
      • Proof of Concepts
    • Test Automation:

       Owing to initial investment and time consumption, many software companies tend to overlook the importance of Test Automation, eventually directly affecting the quality of the solution delivered. However, for experts at Porsa Solution, Test Automation is regarded as one of the most important stages of any implemented product, to ensure delivering a fine product, as well as smooth functioning of business processes at all times.

      At Porsa Solution, we achieve Test Automation through:

      • Developing Automation Frameworks and Scripting
      • Regression Test Automation
      • Ensuring enhanced ROI with superior outcomes
      • Leveraging our knowledge on proprietary as well as open source tools and technologies to deliver the best of testing results
    • Specialized Testing:

       Businesses are increasingly turning to technology for almost all their functions, which makes specialized testing for each one of them even more important. With the advent of cloud based solutions and SOA to boost customized services and consumerization of the industry, we enable our clients to deliver flawless products for an even more enhanced customer experience. With experts in the field of specialized testing and availability of the latest industry standard testing tools, Porsa Solution offers a blend of specialized testing expertise which includes:

      • ERP (SAP, Oracle Apps)
      • Cloud Testing
      • Data Warehouse Testing (ETL, BI)
      • Mobility Testing
      • SOA Testing (UI, Web service)
      • Security Testing
    • Validation Services:

       To keep software solutions and the credibility of an organization from collapsing, testing experts have long relied on effective validation services. In the process of validation, the solution at hand earns more reliability in terms of robustness and security. Our Validation Services effectively keep products away from disruption and frequent occurrence of defects.

      Porsa Solution’s validation services are provided using:

      • Functional Testing
      • System Integration
      • Sanity Testing
      • Regression Testing
      • Smoke Testing