Enterprise Application

Enterprise Application

Businesses adapting to latest technologies often end up with complex systems in place which eventually also become difficult to manage as a whole. Enterprise Application Services give an optimum support to the multiple functions and business processes that are important to be kept up and running at all times. Organizations today are making conscience efforts to improve their processes and drive the business growth by providing an array of enterprise application services.

With a host of consultants and technologists, Porsa Solution is trained and proficient in a large array of technologies. But, to go the extra mile, we also believe in establishing certain strategic partnerships with global leaders in enterprise software and services, to deliver the best for our customers. This enables us to fully collaborate with and leverage companies that can bring proven and significant value to the clients and their businesses. Effective collaboration with global players such as Oracle and Microsoft has led Porsa Solution to provide comprehensive solutions to customers with a commitment to industry standards and proven technologies.

Porsa Solution’s value differentiators include:

  • Center of Excellence (CoE): At Porsa Solution, along with a strong team of technical and functional consultants, we also host a Center of Excellence which offers our clients a cost effective way to benefit from world class resources to accelerate time to market.
  • Industry-tailored Solutions: Porsa Solution helps clients implement and upgrade enterprise applications, or deploy a custom-tailored industry solution to match their business needs. Our strategic approach to utilize the best solutions at minimal operational costs allows businesses to reap maximum profits with high performance and productivity.
  • Business Process Expertise: Porsa Solution’s team of experts equipped with the latest tools and technologies, as well as in-depth domain knowledge, transforms the management perspective into IT solutions that automate, integrate, and monitor business processes.
  • Experienced Professionals: Porsa Solution’s strength lies with its functional and technical certified consultants in various domains and technologies, who have a passion for delivering service at the highest quality standards in every domain.
  • Proven Offshoring Model: At Porsa Solution, we offer our customers, substantial cost savings, with successful implementation of services around the clock. We ensure that we provide them with a competitive edge in the industry through our proven offshoring strategy, eventually enabling them to reduce costs and focus on core areas.
  • Strategic Alliances: Our partnerships and alliances with leading vendors enable our teams to bring the best practices and lessons learned from hands-on implementations worldwide and across industry verticals.

Service Offerings

Enterprise Application Services are at the core of every business, enabling efficient performance and the ability to become adaptable to a dynamic IT environment. While we offer industry standard services, we strive to deliver solutions with reduced costs, improved security, smooth process flow and an enhanced performance in all business applications.

  • Business Consulting Services:

     Our experts, with their in-depth knowledge and vast experience offer the best in class services to our clients, for their businesses to accelerate growth at each stage. We understand the need for businesses to constantly be ready to implement changes in a dynamic environment and provide solid solutions to ensure all around support. Our team of experts has successfully offered some of the best transformational solutions to organizations for their significant business benefits. Some of our Business Consulting Services include:

  • Product Evaluation
  • Application Migration
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Designing Technical Landscape
  • Implementation Services:

     To keep up with an ever evolving IT environment, it is not only important for businesses to introduce new technologies in their solutions, but the implementation of such complex solutions should also be prompt and accurate. We, at Porsa Solution, focus heavily on the implementation of services, to help our clients overcome their most critical business challenges. We deliver end-to-end solutions to all our customers –which are also well complemented with ready-to-use frameworks, accelerators and automation tools—to drive progress at a constant speed. We offer the following Implementation services to our clients:

  • End-to-End Greenfield Implementations
  • Legacy System Migration
  • Rollouts and Rapid Deployments
  • Upgrade and Support:

     Unlike other industry players, the upgrade task at Porsa Solution is made cost effective, always keeping in mind the interests of the client. Since we understand the importance of maintaining an updated business process flow, no compromise is made on infrastructure or intellectual resources at any stage. For delivering extraordinary results, partnering with the right service provider becomes one of the most critical tasks of the entire life cycle which is why during the upgrade process our expert professionals expedite the initial assessment, impact analysis and ultimate upgrade, with minimum downtime to the business. Along with timely upgrades, a steady technical support plan is critical to any business looking to cut down operational costs. By engaging Porsa Solution as their support provider, many of our customers have managed to maximize their system uptime and reduce internal IT costs, at a significant level. At Porsa Solution, our expert professionals analyze the challenges and execute appropriate plans only after they have achieved an in-depth knowledge of the customer’s business needs. By following this approach, we successfully deliver customized and vigorous solutions to our valued customer, including:

  • Upgrade planning and consolidation assessment
  • Data Migration
  • Technical & Functional Upgrade
  • 24X7 Production Support
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Application Support
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Services: 

    Porsa Solution’s EAI experts understand the need for businesses to stay ahead of the rapidly changing IT environment, which is why we constantly focus on providing the best in class services to help our customers transform into responsive units. We also understand that when organizational systems and processes operate in silo, they often lead to business losses. We aim at breaking these smaller units of functionalities in an organization that lead to delayed results and interrupted services, and building integrated systems. To optimize business services and maximize profits for our clients, we offer the following:

  • Web interfaces to legacy applications
  • Enterprise wide applications integration
  • Mobile Solution Integration
  • Enterprise Portal Implementation & Integration